A Unique Healing Technique

🙏Dear Cherished Clients & Divine Yogis🙏

Since we are unable to offer in person Holistic Treatments at this time, we have developed a unique healing technique that is performed at Cave of the Heart which incorporates several paths of Energy Medicine. Our Distance Energy Healing is a fusion of Shamanic Practices, Energy Therapy (Reiki, Therapeutic Touch & Tuning Forks) and Crystal Healing (Crystal Grids, Sacred Geometry & Copper Pyramid). Although your physical presence is not required, we would need a recent photo, your permission to receive the offering and your commitment to rest for the duration of the treatment. Here is an explanation of the healing modalities and tools that we use to facilitate Distance Energy Healing:

🌀SHAMANISM🌀 Begins with the opening of the Four Directions: We call upon the energies of the South/Serpent, West/Jaguar, North/Hummingbird and East/Eagle accompanied by smudge, drum and rattle. This sacred invocation will open and bless the space to allow for healing to occur (closing of the Four Directions will commence at the end of the treatment)🪶

💜REIKI💜 Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique which uses Universal Energy to promote healing. Reiki symbols are also used to invoke Distance Healing (Cho Ku Rei + Sei He Ki + Hon Shu Ze Sho Nen)💟

🙌🏼THERAPEUTIC TOUCH🙌🏼 A modern day healing modality which involves the unruffling of energy blockages within the body. Distance TT involves the visualization of the recipient and then proceeding with the normal steps of a treatment as if the person were actually present💫

✨TUNING FORKS✨ Tuning Forks use Sound & Vibration Therapy to help restore Chakra alignment. We have 7 main Chakra Centres from the base of the spine (Root) to top of the head (Crown). These areas can become stagnant and blocked, resulting in illness.  Sound vibrations recharge the electromagnetic field of the body and rebalance the flow of Prana (life force energy) to return the body back to homeostasis🌟

💎GEMSTONES, CRYSTALS & SKULLS💎 Stones and Crystals are born from the Earth, and are therefore living beings and vibrate energy. They can be used as healing tools to to help the body, mind and spirit. Crystal Skulls are carvings of gems and crystals in the likeness of human form. We have been conditioned to believe that Skulls represent death, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Crystal Skulls are here to inspire us, heal us and open us up to Universal Consciousness💀

⚡️CRYSTAL GRIDS⚡️Crystal Grids are used to set an intention (healing, abundance, happiness etc) which then amplifies the energy of the crystals and directs it to a specific person or a situation. We use an array of semi-precious Gemstones, Crystals and Crystal Skulls as well as Sacred Geometry and a Copper Pyramid as the base for our Crystal Grids💥

⚛️SACRED GEOMETRY⚛️ The Flower of Life is the basic template for everything in existence as all geometric forms can be found within it. It symbolizes creation and reminds us of the unity of everything in the Universe. By placing our Crystals and Skulls on this ancient grid, we activate the energy of the crystals just as you activate a seed when you plant it in the ground❇

🔼COPPER PYRAMID🔼 Ancient civilizations built pyramids to honour and house the dead as it was believed to represent a stairway to heaven. In present day, studies show that sitting under a pyramid structure cultivates Prana (life force energy) as it increases preservation of life. The Pyramid we use is made of copper in the likeness of the Nubian pyramids in Sudan and has a slope of 72 degrees. This specific type of pyramid stimulates the throat, third eye and crown chakras which aid in the awakening of Consciousness🔥

Distance Energy Healing  has been proven to relieve anxiety, decrease stress and restore a sense of well-being. Appointment days are Saturdays from 10am-4pm. 🙌🏼1 hr/$80🙌🏼 To book an appointment, please contact Kerrie Prema directly by text 226-345-5804 or email prema@caveoftheheart.ca💖💖💖

🙏Kerrie Prema Riberdy is a Licensed Holistic Practitioner Certified in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Hot Stone & Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch & Tuning Fork Therapy with over 2 decades of experience, a Certified Hatha Yoga & Hand Mudra Yoga Teacher and is currently studying Crystal Therapy Certification as well as Shamanic Practices of the Andean Path🙌🏼🙏💎🌀⚡️

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