Nestled in the heart of Olde Walkerville, Cave of the Heart is a Holistic Centre specializing in Complimentary Treatments, as well as a Yoga Studio offering Classes and Workshops for all Spiritual Seekers. A combination of Holistic Treatment and a consistent Yoga Practice can help one recognize the Light within themselves and in others. This Light is within the Cave of the Heart, and can often become dim due to life’s trials and tribulations. Igniting this Light can bring us closer to our True Divine Self and ultimately closer to God, the Creator/Creatrix, Mother Earth, the Universe and or Divine Consciousness.

The Yoga Classes offered at Cave of the Heart focus on authentic styles of Yoga based in the lineage of our teachers. Mantra (Chanting), Meditation (Mindfulness), Mudras (Hand Gestures), Pranayama (Breathing Techniques) and Asana (Physical Postures) are woven throughout each class to encourage a deep Spiritual Yoga Practice. In addition to Yoga Classes, Satsang and Kirtan are also offered. Satsang creates a community among Yogis/Yoginis, Healers and like-minded individuals. During Satsang, we come together as a group to Meditate, Chant and read from Spiritual Texts. Kirtan is a form of Bhakti Yoga (Path of Devotion) which emphasizes the healing benefits of Chanting. It is performed in a call and response fashion, so no previous experience is necessary. Through repetition of Sanskrit Mantras, the mind can reach a state of quiet consciousness. Kirtan is held monthly and is led by The Kirtaneers, a group of Bhakti Yogis and Yoginis from Cave of the Heart. Both events are by donation to help provide fresh flowers/prasad for our altar and to help out different charities in need.

Karma Yoga is selfless service. We have a group of amazing Karma Yogis who help out at the Holistic Centre and Yoga Studio. This service also includes the front reception and Spiritual Shoppe. We have little treasures available for purchase such as Books, Crystals, Incense, Deity Statues (Murtis); Lavender Eye Pillows from The Smell Good Feel Good Company; Bath Salts from Heart Bath & Body; Natural Soaps, Sprays and Body Oils from Sunpowered Soap Company; and Guru Malas, Gemstone/Wood Malas and Bracelets from The Spiritual Comfort Shop.

Holistic Centre & Yoga Studio
532 Chilver Road (rear building)
Windsor, ON N8Y 2J9

Phone: 519-997-0789
Text: 226-345-5804
Email: prema@caveoftheheart.ca

Reception Hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 11am-2pm. Yoga Classes, Satsang/Kirtan and Workshops may vary during holidays and severe weather conditions. Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram for the most recent updates of our schedule. Thank You!

Entrance Gate is located on the North Side of 3 Birds Salon. Follow the path towards the rear building with the blue door. Free parking is available on Chilver, Brant, Assumption and Kildare as well as paid parking on Wyandotte Street East. No parking is permitted in the private driveway. Thank You!

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