Spiritual Comfort

Hannah Bound

‘Tune in and resonate to self-compassion, healing and comfort’ The desire and purpose for my healing meditation malas and deity art is to provide comfort for those on the spiritual …

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The Kirtaneers

Meet The Kirtaneers, our in-house Bhakti Band consisting of Cassidy Sita Logsdon (Violin), David Pare (Drum), Josie Burns (Tambourine) Nancy Daya Drew (Harmonium/Lead Vocals) and Kerrie Prema Riberdy (Kartals). These …

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Karma Yogis

Meet our Beloved Karma Yogis from Cave of the Heart! These Beautiful Devis help us immensely with the care of our Holistic Centre and Yoga Studio. Out of the pure …

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Suzanne Doma Holistics

Suzanne Friemann

Suzanne Friemann: Dōma Holistics – A Space For Healing To book an appointment with Suzanne, please email:  Facebook page Treatment Hours: By appointment Like a true Gemini, Suzanne has …

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