Hannah Bound

Spiritual Comfort

‘Tune in and resonate to self-compassion, healing and comfort’

The desire and purpose for my healing meditation malas and deity art is to provide comfort for those on the spiritual path or on a healing journey. Through my own challenging experiences of breaking away from familiar conditioning and healing repressed pain, I learned how to be compassionate to myself and understood the importance of providing comfort and embracing things that brought me hope and encouragement. I wish to pass on this wisdom by creating products that invite you to receive comfort and ultimately to tune in to and resonate with your own self-compassion, healing and comfort.

A few of the Deities I work with in my art:



Ganesh, as Lord of the thresholds, represents the face of change which dawns at every new situation that we confront in life. He stands at the gateway of perception. Choice is an inseparable part of life. Our options in life appear rigid and ordained at times, but in actuality it is the dichotomies of consciousness which fix them and limit our perception of possibility. Ganesh opens up to the vital intuitive mind.


Sri Krishna’s Rasa Lila, is a love dance that enacts the highest purpose of creation: to feel and to love and, consequently, to act out one’s love in the service of the Divine. In human life we have a testimony of love’s potentials. From a sense of service in relationships, parental affection, to friendship, and ultimately, the intimate relationship of lovers, all of these human relations have their Divine counterpart in the love worship of Krishna….and Divine love of God is complete with all these varieties of love.


The dark one, is represented with four arms, in one hand she bears a sword by which she cuts the knots of illusion which bind our souls; in the other she holds the head of a demon representing our release from a limiting sense of self. Her other two arms bestow blessings and fearlessness to her devotees. Often, she is adorned with a garland of skulls, almost completely nude, and with three red eyes and a protruding tongue. Her darkness and nudity reveal her infinitude, her awe-inspiring form speaks of a mother archetype who is fertile, destructive and wonderous.

(Deity text by James H. Bae, ‘In a world of Gods and Goddesses’ Mandala publishing)

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