Jenny Shakti Alderdice

Jenny Shaki Alderdice

After fifteen years of practicing various styles of yoga and learning from many gifted and caring instructors, a longing for a deeper spiritual practice led Jenny Shakti Alderdice to India, deep in the Himalayas.  It was there where she studied the teachings of Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda at the Kutir Ashram.  On the river banks of the great Maa Ganga she practiced daily meditation, studied Vedanta, and learned how to teach yoga.  She has recently returned from India and is eager to share with the world the peace, love, and joy that has permeated her heart.  She is certified to teach Sivananda yoga and outside of the studio she is employed as a nurse practitioner, striving to incorporate Eastern philosophies with Western medicine for a more holistic approach to not just health, but wellness!

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