Kerrie Prema Riberdy

Kerrie Prema Riberdy

Kerrie Prema Riberdy: Cave of the Heart

Kerrie Prema Riberdy (Owner Cave of the Heart) is a Licensed Holistic Practitioner offering over two decades of experience in Holistic Health Services. Her previous businesses include Sol Invictus (2000-2013) and Flower Power (2013-2018). Kerrie is a CFA (Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists) Health Practitioner and an RRCO (Reflexology Registration of Ontario) Reflexologist. Her other Certifications include Holistic Spa Facial, Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Tuning Fork Therapy. She is also a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher and member of The Kirtaneers Bhakti Band. Kerrie’s Treatments and Yoga Classes are both loving and nurturing. She has been blessed with the spiritual name Prema which is Sanskrit for Love, chosen for her by Swami Shivabhaktananda of the Sivananda Yoga Lineage. She has a strong adoration for Hanuman-ji, Lord Krishna, Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary. Her devotion to Bhakti Yoga has encouraged her to study the Hanuman Chalisa, a 40 verse poem written by the Indian Saint Tulsidas. Under the guidance of her teachers David Shiva Das and Abby Durga Devi, her Bhakti Soul Sister Nancy Daya Drew and her beloved harmonium Sukhi, she has been able to open her heart and sing the names of the Divine. Cave of the Heart is a small space with a big heart! Nestled in the heart of Olde Riverside, it is a healing sanctuary for those seeking refuge from the stress of everyday life. Services and classes are created with the intention of pure love thus polishing the heart so that we can all shine our light brighter! Love is the key to the door deep inside the Cave of the Heart. Namaste’.


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