Nancy Dayā Drew

Nancy Dayā Drew

Nancy Dayā Drew: Cave of the Heart


Nancy Daya Drew’s introduction to the benefits and healing powers of Yoga, Chant and Meditation began unfolding in 1997. After several years working as a busy hairstylist and involvement in the music industry, stress in the body and mind was beginning to take its toll.

A beginner yoga class at a local community center began to reveal the benefits of Yoga and meditation and a true seeker was born. Many wonderful and inspiring teachers laid the pathway and a visit to a Sivananda Ashram (in 2003) filled in all the missing pieces. This is known as a Gurukulam lineage of yoga with deep roots, steeped in science, tradition and endless benefits to the practitioner. It is more than “exercise,” reaching all levels of human experience and self-study. It stands the test of time, and Nancy Daya joyfully teaches and shares all she’s learned in yoga classes, workshops, Satsang and Kirtan.

A perfect accompaniment to Asana (physical aspect), meditation, Jnana (knowledge aspect) of Yoga and Bhakti (devotional aspect) keeps the balance. Nancy recognizes and humbly bows to her many great (Gurus) teachers, family, friends, clients and mentors on this path of yoga and life. Om Namah Sivaya!

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