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Suzanne Friemann

Suzanne Friemann: Dōma Holistics – A Space For Healing

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Like a true Gemini, Suzanne has wandered many paths before opening Dōma Holistics. She has worked in the nonprofit environmental sector, taught university students and baked over a thousand vegan cakes for a local café. Her interest in natural healing therapies began in graduate school when she was researching the indigenous peoples of South America. Although ethnobotany was not in the stars for her, the healing modalities of women across the globe became a lifelong interest. When her father became terminally ill, Suzanne embarked on the holistic path in earnest to help alleviate his suffering. In 2008, she received her certificate in reflexology from Blok’s Hands of Healing. Suzanne is a registered reflexology practitioner with the RRCO.  In 2013, she studied with Dr Sisira Premarathna learning Ayurvedic head and foot massage techniques. In 2018 she delved into the domestic intuitive arts and completed a weekend intensive in tea leaf reading with Amy Taylor from Hamilton. Recently Suzanne has completed another course on reading tea leaves by Sharron Basanti of British Columbia.

Dōma Holistics is a practice that draws on the traditional healing techniques of women healers all over the world. Domā (meaning at home in many languages and cultures) Holistics is a comforting and cosy space that is accessible to those with mobility issues and is LGBTQ inclusive. Suzanne works with people who spend long hours on their feet and those that stare at a monitor/screen for far too long.  If you suffer from headaches, neck and shoulder tension, insomnia or achy tired feet, come to the Dōma and experience the relaxing effects of a massage or reflexology session. There will be a cup of tea waiting for you.


Dōma Holistics is owned and operated by Suzanne Friemann, B.A. B. Ed, M.A, RRPr. Dōma Holistics is a practice that draws on the traditional healing modalities of women healers all throughout the world. The Dōma is a warm, cosy and comforting space located in Cave of the Heart holistic centre and yoga studio in Olde Riverside.


Reflexology is a non-invasive therapeutic treatment method applied to the feet using finger and thumb techniques. This method is based on the principle that the reflexes in the feet correspond neurologically to other parts, glands and organs of the body. Through the application of pressure on these reflexes, reflexology can relieve tension and stress, improve circulation and support the body’s ability to function optimally.

Treatment will include a mini foot soak and a reflexology treatment. Clients will be asked to remove shoes, socks, hosiery, and roll trousers up to the knees. Treatments can be performed either on a massage table or in a zero gravity chair depending on the client’s preference and mobility. Organic oils will be used, and clients can choose between a relaxing and more vigorous treatment.


This unique treatment comprises of two parts. The first is a traditional Ayurvedic foot massage in which the foot, ankles and calves are massaged with moderate pressure in both feet so that asynchronous harmony is maintained. In Ayurveda, Padabhyanga or foot massage is considered the mother of all therapies. It is a holistic therapy and part of traditional Ayurvedic treatment. Pada means foot in Sanskrit and Abhyanga means the use of medicated oils. With this treatment, you will receive a herbal foot soak and a traditional foot, ankle and calf massage. Kansa Vatki foot massage ™ was developed by the founder of The London Centre of Indian Champissage and based on the traditional Ayurvedic massage techniques. Kansa in Sanskrit means bronze and this part of the treatment involves slowly rubbing a small handcrafted bronze bowl on the plantar surface of the feet as well as calves and ankles. Focusing on the Marma sites in the feet (energy points), Kansa Vatki assists the flow of Prana (life force) in the lower limbs helping to draw out excessive heat and leaving the body cool, refreshed and relaxed. Treatments are performed on a massage table, and organic oils are used. Clients will be asked to remove shoes, socks, and hosiery and roll trousers up to the knees.


AYURVEDIC HEAD MASSAGE (SHIROABHYANGA) – $60/60MIN, For hair longer than shoulder length $65/60MIN

Shiroabhyanga is part of the Hindu healthcare practice of Ayurveda and focuses on a massage of the head, neck and shoulders. During the treatment, oil will be kept for a suitable period on the head, and vigorous massage techniques through the scalp are used pulling the oil through the hair and following with the massage of the face, neck and shoulders- the areas most vulnerable to stress and tension. This treatment helps to de-stress the whole body and induces a state of calm and tranquillity. It may relieve aches, pains and tension in your neck, back and shoulders and increases the lustre of hair, treat dry, damaged hair and promote hair growth. During this treatment, clients will be seated in a chair, and the entire head will be anointed with warm organic oils that are suited to your dosha or energy type. A cape will be provided to protect your clothes. Please wear a loose-fitting sleeveless shirt and bring a headscarf or other head covering with you so that you may look respectable on your way home or back at work. Ayurvedic head massage is kind to hair but not kind to hair-dos. To benefit fully from Shiroabhyanga, you should leave the oils on your scalp until you can wash them at home.



Experience a relaxing 30-minute foot massage including herbal foot soak combined with an intuitive reading of tea leaves. Enjoy a warm cup of tea in a cosy space and see what the leaves reveal about you!



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