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The Holistic Practitioners and Yoga Teachers at Cave of the Heart are dedicated to providing the best care and guidance to all of our clients, students and members. With over a combined century of experience, each Practitioner and Teacher brings their education, training and wisdom to create a well-balanced atmosphere for healing to occur. Our Holistic Practitioners and Yoga Teachers may vary with respect to the form of treatment/teachings they provide, but each of them possesses the same unconditional love for their clients/students. For more information about each Holistic Practitioner and Yoga Teacher, please read each individual Biography.

Here at Cave of the Heart, we have a particular adoration for Sivananda Yoga. The lineage of Sivananda Yoga begins with Master Sivananda who was born in India in the 1800s and lived his life as a Saint and Guru. Sivananda Ashrams can be found all over the world, including Canada in Val-Morin, Quebec. This is where we found our most profound connection to Yoga, and where we continue to visit every year to polish her hearts a little brighter! We are deeply grateful for the experiences that we have shared with Living Sadhana (former Windsor Affiliate Sivananda Centre), House of Yoga (Berkley, MI), Sivananda Yoga Ashram (Val-Morin, QE) and Yoga Mahadevi (Windsor, ON). Thank You for sharing your teachings and your space with an open heart. Namaste’

Bhakti Yoga (Path of Devotion) is the core at Cave of the Heart. It is through weekly Satsang and monthly Kirtan that we are able to gather together and chant for Peace, Love and Happiness. Please join The Kirtaneers Bhakti Band at monthly Kirtan and help raise the good vibrations! Led by Nancy Dayā Drew (harmonium/lead vocals), David Pare (drum), Josie Burns (tambourine), Cassidy Sita Logsdon (violin) and Kerrie Prema Riberdy (kartals) these Bhakti’s help to open hearts everywhere!


Kerrie Prema Riberdy
Cave of the Heart
Suzanne Friemann
Dōma Holistics
Hannah Bound
Spiritual Comfort
Sue Oneschuk
Reiki Practitioner
Nancy Dayā Drew
Yoga Teacher
Rina Arcanā Antinucci
Yoga Teacher
Jenny Shakti Alderdice
Yoga Teacher
Maria Teglas
Yoga Teacher
Anna Tomaselli
Yoga Teacher
Jessica Defoe-min
Jessica Defoe
Yoga Teacher
Jason Defoe (Love Bree Photography)
Jason Defoe
Yoga Teacher
Jaylyn Bernachi
Yoga Teacher​
Carey Melanson
Carey Melanson
Yoga Teacher​
Bani Prem Kaur​
Yoga Teacher
Stacey Eason-Bondy
Yoga Teacher
The Kirtaneers
Cave of the Heart
Karma Yogis
Cave of the Heart
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